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Tears may be dried up

But the heart ...never!

3 March 1983
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Close your eyes.
Let your expectations fade.
I’m your favorite memory.
Remember me.
Never again have you felt this way.
Lets improvise.
If you know how baby.
I can be you everything.

Leslie.Broken hearted. Lonely. Frustrated. Black. Soulful. Loving. Laughable. EX-Phone Sex Operator. Realist. Friend. Sister. Lost. Almost college graduate. Searching. In Pain. Asking for Happiness. Searching For A Place. Natural. Pretty. Unique. Overweight. Proud. Grasping For Myself.

This is a new journal for me, the other one I own is bagged down with memories I don't care to dwell on. This journal represents my path, a path to a newer, calmer, adult, Leslie. I don't update everyday, or every week. Sometimes its a month, and sometimes I update frequently. I don't comment a lot on other journals but I do read them. I'm not particualarly looking for new LJ friends but I rarely turn them away.

Choose to stay or dain to leave. Your choice.